Tech Innovator

Are you a maker of an
impactful technology solution?

Tech Innovator

Do you want to reach
your target market?

Tech Innovator

Do you want to boast sales and
get rich market feedback?

BrewSight is technology company’s door to market access, market insights and industry collaborations.

BrewSight knows that the bottom line to start-up success is Sales! Sales is as important as product. Inventions and innovations that do not reach shop floors aren’t called business. But the catch twenty-two is, product and sales both need resources.
In the classic debate of assigning resources to development or sales, start-ups have to often focus their resources like talent, time, money etc. on product development, and thus face a trouble in reaching market at desired speed. The global market access needs deeper pockets and adds to the problem.

Making your bottom lines better and top lines stronger.

Accelearator I Sales I Growth Partner I Expansion Catalyst I Network extender
“Translating illusive impact of technologies to real applied impact.”
BrewSight solves this. It empowers tech makers with market access, market insights and collaboration. Some of our stake holders define us as a sales accelerator, others as network builders, a few as growth partners and a handful as business development partners. We seem to be doing all at some or other point in time during our journey with selected tech companies.
Your Benefits

The purpose of any business is to create value for the stakeholders, and tech makers are one of the three most important stakeholders. We create the value of convenience, cost reduction, revenue generation, customer management etc.with instruments of market access, insights and collaborations.

We create value by:
  • Churning quicker ROI
  • Cutting down customer acquisition cost
  • Gaining market insights to improve the tech
  • Market access and Industry collaborations
  • Saving resource for R&D
Are you eligible?
BrewSight focuses only on:
  • Internet of Things
  • Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
We only deal with B2B technologies:
  • Manufacturing
  • Organized Retail
  • Corporates
  • Institutions

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