Want your organization to
benefit by adapting
right technologies?

Are you ready to adapt
IoT, Data Analytics and
Artificial Intelligence?

Want to take innovation
curated from all around
the world on board?

BrewSight is your company’s door to credible and profitable technology innovations.

We work in collaboration with tech innovators all around the world to get you the best innovation. We also understand the nitty gritty of manufacturing, retailing and supply chain, And this combinedly help us get to you best technology, execution, returns, insights and what not.

Making you swiftly and reliably innovation rich. We are your:

Innovation consultants I Awareness creators I Tech Curators I Excecution Partners I Risk mitigators
“Bringing Relevant, Credible and Profitable tech innovations to you”

We cater Corporates, Manufacturers, Retailers & Brands.
Some of our solutions from IoT, Artificial intelligence and Data Analytics arena are:
Asset management
  • Predict failures and save costs of repairing and downtime of machine
  • Utilize and maintain asset with real time data
Operations and productions
  • Track the production data and increase efficiency
  • Track OEE, failure and identify loopholes
Autonomous Quality Management:
  • Use computer vision to detect visual quality issues in product on the production line
  • Use AI to recognize patterns and reduce quality related losses
Smart Gas metering
  • Gas distribution companies can auto-collect readings from meters and auto bill the clients
  • Control valves and detect gas leakages at a click.


We make machines talk.


Corporates and SMEs

We get you best of all the worlds!
Your benefit?

Businesses exist to create value for stakeholders. BrewSight Empowers the tech users with problem solving, technology exposure and executions. We are their innovation education and execution partners.

Value is created by:
  • Structured Problem solving
  • Assistance in execution and awareness of world class tech
  • Access to relevant, credible and tested global technology innovations
  • Price and Quality that has clear RoI
  • Increase operational efficiency

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